Dr. James P. McCalpin

Dr. McCalpin received his BA in geology in 1972 (U.T., Austin), MS in 1975 (Univ. of Colorado), and PhD in 1981 (Colo. School of Mines), with a dissertation on Colorado’s San Luis Valley. From 1976-77 he mapped Quaternary deposits and geomorphology for the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park, CA. In 1981 he served as County Geologist of Jefferson County, CO. From 1982-1991 he was Assistant and then Associate Professor at Utah State University, teaching geomorphology, photogeology, groundwater geology, and engineering geology. In 1991 he left academia and founded GEO-HAZ Consulting, Inc. in Estes Park, CO.

Through GEO-HAZ, he has provided specialty geological consulting services in the fields of environmental and engineering geology. In the past 23 years Dr. McCalpin has performed over 150 consulting projects in the USA and abroad, with budgets ranging from a few thousand to tens of millions of dollars. These projects have been in support of dam and road construction or remediation, critical facilities, waste disposal siting (municipal/ industrial/ radioactive), and mineral exploration. He specializes in documenting, mapping, analyzing, and mitigating hazardous geologic processes and conditions, such as: earthquake hazards, slope stability hazards, and comprehensive multi-hazard assessment.