Corporate qualifications

GEO-HAZ Consulting was founded in 1990 to provide specialty geological consulting services in the natural hazards field. Since that time we have worked on more than 175 projects in the USA and abroad, in support of dam and road construction or remediation, critical facilities, waste disposal siting, and mineral exploration. We specialize in documenting, mapping, analyzing, and mitigating hazardous geologic processes and conditions, such as:

  • earthquake hazards
  • slope stability hazards
  • volcanic hazards
  • subsidence hazards
  • flood hazards
  • comprehensive multi-hazard assessment

GEO-HAZ Consulting operates two separate divisions that closely cooperate, the GeoHazards Division and the GIS Division. The GeoHazards Division performs hazard studies and makes recommendations for design and mitigation measures. Typical projects may analyze:

  • Surface faulting hazards to structures and lifelines in or near active fault zones.
  • Earthquake-induced ground motion from fault and random sources, for dams and other engineered facilities.
  • Earthquake-induced ground failure (landslides, liquefaction), using computer models linked to a GIS.
  • Inventory and spatial analysis of landslide, debris flow, and flooding hazards.
  • Geologic and hydrologic characterization of sites for Environmental Assessments or Environmental Impact Statements.

The GIS Division offers support services to the GeoHazards Division via spatial mathematics, map layout, and map production.