GEOLOGIC MAPPING: GEO-HAZ provides geologic mapping services for nearly every client, at scales ranging from site scale (1:1200 and smaller) to regional scale (1:24,000-1:50,000). These maps are based on original field observations, photogeologic mapping from stereo airphotos, and compilation from previously published geologic maps of the study area.

EARTHQUAKE HAZARDS: From surface faulting hazards, to tectonic deformation/geodetic tilting hazards, to ground shaking hazards, to ground failure hazards; we cover it all.

LANDSLIDE HAZARDS: Landslides occur in most regions containing slopes, and create landslide hazards to roads, utility lines, and buildings. Most landslides move slowly enough that people are not directly threatened, but some are so rapid people are trapped in their houses.

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES GEO-HAZ: provides environmental assessment & impact services in support of real estate transactions, conservation easements, projects on Federal land, and on large land parcels.

ENGINEERING GEOLOGY: This service field covers a broad spectrum of geological investigations made to support civil engineering and construction projects. GEO-HAZ consults on both existing facilities and new ones. Where new site selection is influenced by geologic factors, we can provide GIS-based site suitability comparisons among multiple candidate sites (for fixed facilities) or alignments (for roads, pipelines, utility corridors).

RS 2477 RIGHTS-OF-WAY: The only way to confirm the validity of most RS 2477 claims is to perform historical map research using GIS/GPS technology combined with field checking, and sometimes tree-ring dating. That is what we do.

RESEARCH GEO-HAZ Although GEO-HAZ is a for-profit consulting company, its roots are in the academic research community. We were founded in 1991 with the goal of bringing the rigor of academic research methods, and its rapidly evolving technology, to the field of applied geological consulting. GEO-HAZ still performs research-type work in geological hazards, by collecting and analyzing new data to reveal cause-and-effect relationships, both in space (mapping) and in time (frequency-magnitude relationships).

EDUCATION: The educational arm of GEO-HAZ is named the Crestone Science Center (CSC), and is located in Crestone, Colorado, USA. We teach field courses, indoor short courses, and publish books and monographs on applied geology.